Writing on science (social psychology, environmental issues, health) and race.

The Atlantic

Why Depression Needs a New Definition

Childhood Guilt, Adult Depression?

The Dangers of the Appearance Driven Diet

Washington Post

How Old Fashioned Pen to Paper Letters Could Help Pull People From the Brink of Suicide


Asian Last Names Lead to Fewer Job Interviews, Still

First Ever Tracker of Hate Crimes Against Asian-Americans Launched

Study: On AirBnB, Asian-American Hosts Earn Less Than White Ones

New York Magazine

How Taking Photos Affect Your Memory of the Event Later On

Everything We Know So Far About How Facebook Affects Your Happiness

Nautilus Magazine

Why the Songbird’s Serenade is Going Off Key

Pacific Standard Magazine

Trump’s Comments Are a Symptom Not the Exception

How Medical Device Companies Test Products Out on Patients — After They’re Released


Asking for Help In a System That Doesn’t Speak Your Language

GOOD Magazine

The Curious Link Between What You Eat and Your Emotions

SHAPE Magazine

Too Much Multitasking May Ruin Your Speed and Endurance


Extreme Weather Displaces Far More People Than War

Humans Are Destroying the Planet…


Infidelity and Ashley Madison

You Could Probably Stand To Nap More

The Mid

Why Your Teen Is Addicted to Video Games

New York Parenting

Disappointment the Next Time Around

Six Tips to Help ESOL Students Thrive

Partners in Education

Is Technology a Sleep Snatcher for Your Kid?

Over the River: Fostering a relationship between kids and grandparents…

Town Courier

Lin’s House Provides Refuge For the Elderly

Kentlands Landscaping Chemicals Issue Remains Unresolved

New America Media

Chinese Elders Study Belies Top Down “Parachute” Research…,

Asian Fortune News Magazine (editor-in-chief until December 2014)

Asian American Political Growth: Is it Sustainable?

Duke Chung


Metcalf Institute Climate Change Adaptation Fellowship, 2015

Awarded a fellowship to train on issues of climate change adaptation is St. Louis, Missouri.

New America Media Voter Rights Fellowship, 2014

Awarded a fellowship to report on voter’s rights in the Asian American community in the Washington, DC area.

GSA Journalists in Aging Fellowship, 2014

Awarded a fellowship to report on mental illness in the Asian American community.

Humanities Council of DC – DCCHP grant, 2014

Awarded a grant to a multimedia documentary series on mixed race Asian Americans in the DC area.

PRX STEM Story Grant, 2014

Awarded a grant from the Public Radio Exchange (PRX) to produce a story on stylometry (math) and art.

Jon Davidoff Scholarship, 2014

Full scholarship to the 2014 Wesleyan University Writer’s Conference for creative writing.

Davis Projects for Peace, 2010; 2012

A two time recipient of the Davis Projects for Peace – a $10,000 grant to launch projects that promote peace in communities.

Elijah Lovejoy Summer Internship Award, 2010

Funding awarded to Colby students to pursue an internship related to journalism in the spirit of investigative journalist Elijah Parish Lovejoy.


To inquire about writing/editing services or for a freelance writing assignment, email: jenny [at] jennyjchen.com

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